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Is It Difficult to Date a Lawyer?

Dating a lawyer isn’t any more difficult than dating anyone else. However, lawyers are taught how to think, understand, break down, and perceive life differently. Therefore, the most critical part of a relationship, communication, is often the number one issue.

You’d think that lawyers would be good at communication. But, instead, lawyers are trying to communicate, but they are just speaking in a different language. So, if you have the chance to date a lawyer, don’t let the profession keep you from happiness. Just understand their world is different, but they still want you to be a part of it.

Lawyers are busy

If you work at a law firm, you won’t have much free time. Instead of performing a set schedule, you work until the client or senior partner is happy. This means that nights and weekends are never guaranteed to be free. Lawyers aren’t choosing to work; instead, they must keep working to keep their job. Don’t take it personally if your plans get canceled due to an extended deadline; just make backup plans. If they could, they would take the evening or weekend off.

Lawyers know how to argue

Every day interns, associates, clerks, judges, counsel, and partners argue for a living. They are asked to break down arguments and defend positions, regardless of the legality. So, they are good at listening and even better at winning. However, they aren’t necessarily “lawyering” you in arguments. Instead, this is a natural and trained way of thinking. It’s the same when an artist sees the colors, and an engineer sees the structural design. To counter this tendency, make your expectations of difficult conversations clear.

Lawyers party hard and often

This doesn’t apply to all lawyers, but for those that make it a living to pull in more clients, rubbing elbows is part and parcel of the job. They need to bring clients into the firm to hire them. To make this, dinners, lunches, drinks, events, parties, galas, and balls are a natural part of the job. This includes lots of alcohol. However, luckily, you won’t have to pay for a drop. Take it in stride and set clear and actionable boundaries. You don’t need to attend all of them, particularly if your lawyer spouse is just talking shop with clients.

Lawyers have power and money

When you think of people with power and money, most think of infidelity and cheating. You might think that they won’t be compassionate or sympathetic. However, these negative qualities are possibilities for anyone, even non-lawyers. Yes, the law profession pays for these qualities in court, but a lawyer isn’t paid to keep that hat on at home.

Instead, you might be surprised about how emotionally stable they are. They see and deal with immense amounts of stressful instability at work. At home, the only thing that most want is consistent stability and mutual commitment. Lawyers are emotional people like the rest of us. So, if you happen to hook a lawyer, don’t view them as a legal eagle but as the complete person, they are.


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